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Fucking Punk, Fucking Punk Rock, Prostitute

Rock n Roll guys, I just got hizomes from workage. It was a long fun day i guess. Its sad that i look forward to work lol, its all good. Life is keeping me happy like whoa, i relized I have an amazing girlfriend...again. And shes hot, lol. Rock n Roll. Im the luckiest guy in the world. Ok enough of the things that make some of you cry. Im in my room playing Auto Modilista, listening to some Dillinger. Dru is going to hook me up with a headset tomorrow morning, HIS headset. LOL i love that guy, he does anything to please his costumers, even if it has to do with him giving his stuff away lol. Hes such a sweetheart. Ok, well im still god and im naked.

Love Lots

3...well 2 words from the early god...

Rock N Roll


congrats on the 1 year anniversary today....i dont know anyone that has been able to hold a relationship for that long. i'm happy for you and i love you.

(that looks pretty gay)
Congrats on the one year anniversary to you and Jenny.You two seem so very happy together. =)

heh its almost been a yr since me and andy broke up.I remember you were the first person i talked to that day and it really helped...and i just wanted to say thanx again for talking to me.And i wish you and jenny the best
i would just like to tell you that screamo is the worst music i have ever heard if you can even call it music. underoath is a piece of ass hair on your grandmas face. im gonna rip your eyelids off and make you eat them through your ass and you wont be able to close your eyes while your suffering the horror of yourself eating your own eyelids haha. rap is the best music ever. for shizzle. 2-pac is the god of music and he is not dead. oh wait black people are stupid and i killed 2-pac with a staple gun. well thats all the trash talking i have to do today so have a nice day you piece of eyelidless shit hole rectum juice.

Dave your bitch
ha rap is not music.

Hopesfall is coming September 25th With Alexisonfire.
The Bled is coming September 23rd with Silverstein and SF

Are you down.? Im sure we can give you ride.

check your e-mail, asshole

September 2009

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