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Sep. 27th, 2009

Assy Homework

Homework up the ass. Finally after 4 1/2 hours of work, I am somewhat caught up in my Networking class. My teacher is completely incapable of teaching the course, so I rely on the stock video's on my networking dvd to learn me. Well I have about 50% more homework to complete. (My SQL class). The homework is not tough but its not quick either. I hope to have a good amount of it done tonight and then tomorrow morning be 100% with all of it.

I only have 4 more weeks of my SQL course and I really want to get a B out of it.

So, Aion is pretty sweet. I got my Assassin to 12 today, she has some new armor and some BA daggers. Yeah, I can barely find time to play anything online anymore. I dont feel interely grown up when I play MMO's anymore :), I am so happy that Jenny and me are getting married that its hard to get back into the MMO mentality. I just want to complete my degree with great grades and get a job that will get me and my baby going in the right direction. I love her more than anyone could ever know, and I would do just about anything for her.

I did buy her a cute Super Mario purse, she was pretty stoked about that.


Sep. 23rd, 2009

Wave Racer 64

We had such a great time at the concert tonight.

Unicorn Kid was great fun, we were dancin' and jumpin' around on the d-floor.
Kate Havenevik was amazing, kind of offsetting, but her music was superb none the less, I would love to see her again with a better crowd.
Owl City was speechless, just one of those shows that has you constantly smiling after its done.

Great stuff, however, I smell like I was smuggling bags of rotten onions under my armpits, so cleaning is necessary.

I got Unicorn Kid to sign a T-shirt for me, he was a very cool kid. Hopefully we see him back in the states.

Some hefty girl got "wtfowned" when running on the dance floor balcony. Fucking leg broke outward, it was hilarious and completely unnecessary. Poor girl. Broken Leg win.

Now it is defiantly bed time.

Sep. 21st, 2009


Rawr, its so hot in my bedroom. I have my fan blasted, but it probobly doesnt help that I have my computer, tv and xbox on. Im drinking a yummy can of diet sunkist and playing through LOTR: Conquest for the achievements. 

The truck was making silly noises so I missed out on my SQL course tonight :(
Ill study extra hard on the powerpoint slides.

Really looking forward to getting a job. Schools been great thus far.
I'm pulling 2 A's, a B and a C. Networking is a bitch. The teacher is really nice, but in terms of teaching a course, he is kind of a tard.

Well, i suppose ill play some more and then get some sleep. I have a test in the morning, easy mode.


Kind of bored. Worked on some SQL homework (still have allot more to work on) and then played some Fable 2. I'm a little late on that game but im pretty close to max achievements on it. Other than that, im heading to class in a short bit and then back home to work on some homework and study for my chapter 2 networking test. Blah.

Owl City tomorrow night in Pontiac with my bunny, should be pretty fun. A tranquil experience.

Waiting for Borderlands and Brutal Legend to come out.

Sep. 20th, 2009

Rawr Homework

Fuck, I dont feel like doing this today. I have SQL Test and Homework, Web Questions and Networking Questions.

I may procrast for a bit

I also had a sexy erotic dream about the fiance last night :)

Seriously, we are bringing it back

This is possibly the coolest thing I've done on the internet recently. Bringin' back the LJ. Huge win going out to the LJ servers for keeping memories and accounts up for ages. Totally stoked, and there has been alot of shit that's happened since 2k5. So I asked the hot girl on the internet to marry me.  :) She has been the love of my life for the past 6 years and I promised her I would take care of her and love her til' the end.

So I have officially been laid off for about 1 year and a month :(. Things are going good though, I am back in school and doing pretty damn good. I'm positive, as well as confident in myself, that I will land a great job to take care of me and my bunny.

We have some awesome stuff coming up next month.

Owl City concert this upcoming Tuesday.
Cider Millz
Lights concert down at the good ol' shelter. (cant wait to go back there. I think the last time I was there was the last time I posted on LJ.)
Realm of Darkness Haunted House
ISMFOF show in Pontiac

Can't wait.

Time to play some Fable 2 and do a little bit of that working out thing.
I have homework up the wazzo tomorrow, but I plan on going to the Halloween story with bunnybutt.


Jan. 11th, 2005

Does this make you want to rip my clothes off

Your mood before seeing them: Scared/excited/nervous
Who introduced you: The internet
Where you met them: Internet
What you noticed first: She was an amazing friend and was really pretty
What they noticed first: My sexy voice and use of words
Your first impression of them: Beautiful and unbelivable
Their first impression of you: I know it was the best
First thing you said in their presence: "Hi..."
Kind of person you thought they were: Some amazing girl that had been totally out of my league
From 1-10 [10 being highest likelihood], how much of a chance you thought you had with them: 3
Did you have sex the first time you hung out: Nope

First Hand-holding [where it took place / who initiated it / rating 1-10]: In my room on the beanbag watching Forensic Files :) yay
First hug [where took place / who initiated it / rating 1-10]: I think it was the first day we had hung out, very breif but it ment the most
Romantic: Cried together after seeing a ghost and having our first kiss, watching swan butts after having a cold picnic
Kinky: oh yeah.....
Worst fight: Movies
Sweet: I really need to be a better boyfriend so i can fill this in :|
Life-altering: Its been amazing, nothing could ever top this
Immature: Shoe fetish
Mature: She is totally mature, but a couple of things are a little rusty :)

Horny: ME of course
Romantic: Me
Sensitive: Both
Shy: N/A
Attractive: A chemical balance of sexy ass bitches
Intelligent: Her
Spiritual: Her
Humorous: Me totally not her
Messy: Is this a joke
Confused: Me for sure, but not about us. mabey my sexua....nm
Loud: Deffiantly Me
Angry: Her

Eyes: 10
Nose: awww
Lips: most amazing 10
Ears: 10
Jawline: its funky but hot 10
Hair: hot... sometimes 8
Hands: there cute and a little strong
Arms/elbows: ...i guess a 10
Tummy: its cute i like to play with it
Bewbies / pecs: dont even get me started (infinity)
Legs: there hot to grab 10
butt: OHHH I love it 2000000000
Feet: E.T thats all i have to say I love him

Song: Drawing Board
Movie: Unfaitful lol
Food: Whip Cream
Drink: Gatorade
Household Appliance: Heater
Book: Anything by John Saul
Kind of Dance: Deffiantly Shimmy
Type of tree: Brandenburg tree of course
Animal: my cat because she loves them like me

Article of Clothing: underware
Jewelry Item: her jewl underware
Favorite Band: no comment
Friend: HA

Fart: kindof
Burp: Yeah its hot
Cry: about 3 times its nice
Sleep: hahaha....yes

I Make YOU happy baby? Kisses Muah!

Sep. 13th, 2004

Tie Her Down

Hey guys, Life has been insane!! Crazyness

Post Some Cool stuff because ive got to much to do.
Sorry for the people that tell me to write in this, Im not doing much other than thinking about how i can be with all of you at the same time.

Friends are the Best

Rock n Roll

Aug. 15th, 2004

Fucking Punk, Fucking Punk Rock, Prostitute

Rock n Roll guys, I just got hizomes from workage. It was a long fun day i guess. Its sad that i look forward to work lol, its all good. Life is keeping me happy like whoa, i relized I have an amazing girlfriend...again. And shes hot, lol. Rock n Roll. Im the luckiest guy in the world. Ok enough of the things that make some of you cry. Im in my room playing Auto Modilista, listening to some Dillinger. Dru is going to hook me up with a headset tomorrow morning, HIS headset. LOL i love that guy, he does anything to please his costumers, even if it has to do with him giving his stuff away lol. Hes such a sweetheart. Ok, well im still god and im naked.

Love Lots

3...well 2 words from the early god...

Rock N Roll

Aug. 14th, 2004

Panasonic Youth

Sup fella's. Havent updated the site in quite some time. Well nothing much has been going on, just chillin out. But today was pretty fun, it started out me and jenny going to the mall. Wow, it didnt end there for quite some time. We went to every girl store possible there, went in to abacrombie once, and if that wasnt enough returned AGAIN. Jesus i was going to kill somebody, but its for my girlfriend i need to make her happy most the time :) But i did manage to pick up a tight Disc http://shop.relapse.com/dbimages/sleeves/6587_216.jpg
Its really really bad ass, dillinger is tight and have always been. But other than that I saw Bryant, Dj, Billy, in front of hot topic. They were just chillin and what not. So me and jenny said hi to them and then kept on keepin on. So after that we went back to my house for a few, then went to go see AVP. it was awesome. It of course would of been better if it was R but whateva, we can all win. lol, when preditor teamed up with the black chick, it looked soo funny. HAHA, awesome. So yeah i just shit my pants....
Well now im going to go play some SSX3 up on my PS2. I rock and you guys will all kneel to me one day.


Jenny, your hot

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